Welcome! This year we have a red pepper hot sauce that was fermented and then aged for 1.5 yrs.  Made with Fermented “Red” Peppers, Fermented Garlic, Chardonnay Wine Vinegar, and a little bit of Jack Daniels. NO other ingredients. It’s so damn good!!!

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We grow our own peppers. We purchase plants from local vendors but the starter plants are always from Bonnie Plants or See the plant here at this LINK or HERE. We also grow from seeds as well. Those seeds are purchased at this LINK.

Our red pepper sauce is made for family and friends, in very small batches,  and as such comes in very limited quantities. This means we are paying attention to quality and freshness. The aging process calms down the famous heat of the peppers and also adds a mellowing to the flavor.  While this second run is a little more vinegary than the first run, we use less of a ratio of vinegar than the original Tabasco© Sauce.  We feel this brings out the flavors in the red sauce and garlic. The downside is it cuts down on the amount of product we bottle. But even better, it makes it so you can put this sauce on most anything. We also wash our peppers which removes the natural bacteria that assists in the fermentation process. I know I know, the horror. This causes our sauce to have a lighter ‘fermented tang” and as you’ll see with just the right balance of chardonnay white vinegar the sauce becomes a very versatile condiment.  Does this sauce go great on eggs? Yes!!! Of course! And it if there is a Zombie Apocalypse it’ll make your mother in law taste like a million bucks as well. Just like all red pepper vinegar sauces, it does well on the normal stuff, but I promise this one goes further than just that.

About this this particular run of sauce.
We use a le petit bâton rouge so that we pick peppers at perfect ripeness.  We do use Sevin Dust in the beginning of the plant’s life outside. Our plants get destroyed by the Western Marlyand insect life if we don’t. Once the plants are about 18″ tall, end of July we find they do just fine on their own and don’t need to use Sevin Dust any longer. Once picked we take them to a commercial kitchen, wash the peppers and then blend them with a certain percentage of kosher salt and raw garlic. Stored in glass jars, they will go through their ferment process for 2-4 weeks. From there we shake and keep the pepper mixture mixed as best we can without opening it. This particular run of sauce was mixed every month in the first 6 months and we used Jack Daniels to wipe down the vessels to clean and make sure there was no contamination. We then poured a tiny amount of Jack Daniels on top of the sauce to protect it as well. At the 1.5 year mark we add chardonnay wine vinegar, blend it all together, and stored for 3 more months. Shaking up and mixing product every few days. When we feel it is ready we removed the seeds and skins (we use small equipment so sometimes a seed escapes here and there). Bottle in sterilized bottles and caps. Boil filled bottles to do a pasteurization and then post it here for family and friends. Enjoy.